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Erin Dietz

Erin Dietz

Erin Dietz has been with State National for over 30 years, in various roles including Service Rep, Policy Services Supervisor, and for 20 years as a Senior Executive Assistant to State National’s EVP. Erin’s experience has allowed her to gain comprehensive knowledge of State National’s collateral protection products and she is currently training to become an Underwriter. Throughout her tenure she has represented her coworkers in multiple employee engagement initiatives and was a founding member of the SNCares charitable committee.

Recent Posts:

Paws of Purpose: The Tracker Story

Each year, State National’s SNCares charitable committee selects local nonprofits to assist as part of Markel’s Community Grants initiative. To help determine where grant funds should be allocated, the committee periodically surveys employees about the causes and organizations that matter most to them to determine focus areas for grant distribution.

SNCares: Collaboration, Compassion, and Community

The SNCares Journey

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