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Francine Gagliano

Francine Gagliano

State National Director of Client Services Francine Gagliano is an accomplished executive with experience in relationship management, product strategy and development, and process re-engineering. As Director, Francine leads our Client Executive Group in the Central Region to facilitate client satisfaction and retention while also managing our GAP product. In addition, she leads the State National Women’s Network’s Support subcommittee to help achieve greater work-life balance and mentoring opportunities for our female employees.

Recent Posts:

Why Recognize International Women’s Day?

State National Director of Client Services Francine Gagliano shares her thoughts about the importance of International Women’s Day.

State National GAP – Undeniably Better

State National’s Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is needed now more than ever. Why? Director of Client Services Francine Gagliano shares how without GAP protecting collateralized loans, borrowers are still responsible for any deficiency balance in the event of a total loss. Gagliano shares how a high-quality GAP program protects these borrowers and also protects financial institutions from charge-offs.

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