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10 Advantages of Partnering With SNC for CPI

There's everyone else — and then there's State National


  1. We are end-to-end CPI specialists
  2. CPI claims filing advantage
  3. InsurTrak
  4. Easy access to dedicated service support team
  5. Our unique proactive verification approach
  6. Our impairment-specific email and text communications
  7. Lender-focused path for inbound documentation and communications
  8. Proven core processor compatibility
  9. Filene Research Institute premier partnership
  10. Client Advisory Council

       ... and an extra bonus reason!

  1. We are end-to-end CPI specialists. State National is the only insurance company in the nation solely dedicated to CPI as its core product. We are the agent, tracking company, claims administrator, underwriter, and insurance company, all under one roof. Having end-to-end control of the process means no middlemen and none of the delays that come with companies that merely serve as a broker. We were one of the pioneers of insurance tracking and lender-placed insurance, and have been the leading provider for nearly 50 years.

  2. CPI claims filing advantage. Paperless process, with no documentation required. Some claim types are processed and paid in 6 seconds or less, and 90% of claims are processed in less than 5 days from the date the claim is filed. One single claim filing is processed for all available coverages, and we pay 20% more back on average. As the only provider that is also the insurance company and has in-house underwriting and claims payment, we are the only provider even capable of offering this level of speed and ease.

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  3. InsurTrak. We created the industry’s only proprietary system built from scratch specifically for CPI. This single sign-on, real-time source of truth for insurance tracking, claims, and reporting provides maximum ease, speed, and transparency. All loan portfolio data is at your fingertips, accessible instantly, all in one place. Additionally, you can access member phone call recordings immediately after they happen and check statuses directly on InsurTrak, 24/7.

    “We want a process in place that’s simple, repeatable and easy, and that’s what we found in State National and their technology — it’s just clean and efficient. It makes serving our customers easier, and we can move on to the next thing."
    ~ United Finance

    “State National’s tracking system is better and so much more accurate. From day one, the tracking and automation was just 100% better.”
    ~ CommunityWide Federal Credit Union
  4. Easy access to dedicated service support team. Direct toll-free phone number for all day-to-day contact, weekly account reviews, and loan level management connects your staff to an Account Service team assigned to your program that knows it inside and out — no waiting for return emails or phone calls. A dedicated Client Service Executive is also assigned specifically to your financial institution for strategic in-person meetings and ongoing training and CPI program level management.

    "I appreciate the teamwork that State National provides. I don’t look at them like a third-party vendor, but rather as an extension of us — because I know State National looks out for our best interest.”
    ~ MAX Credit Union
  5. Our unique proactive verification approach and integration with the largest insurance carriers means fewer notices, fewer placements, and a significant reduction in staff time required to manage your program. Exclusive technologies including WRAP (Web-Based Robotic Automated Processing) for AI-based insurance verification and VeriTrak (for strategic queuing of verification phone calls) result in fewer notices sent and less borrower noise.

    "Since the conversion to State National, member complaints and frustration have decreased dramatically — I don’t even remember the last complaint, to be honest.”
    ~CapEd Credit Union

    “Since we began our partnership with State National, we’ve been able to reduce false placements by almost two-thirds, which definitely elevates the customer experience, not having to spend their time or get frustrated trying to get a policy reversed"
    ~ Gate City Bank
  6. Our impairment-specific email and text communications result in 28% fewer notices sent to borrowers. We’re the only CPI provider that sends multiple emails and texts to improve borrower experience and reduce staff time. Borrowers can quickly reply with an image by text or upload their information online, all from their mobile devices. We are also the only provider that sets up and maintains the text program on your behalf, at no cost to you, now or later.
  7. Lender-focused path for inbound documentation and communications. Your own exclusive dedicated P.O. Box for all insurance mail saves significant staff time vs. opening all the mail and forwarding it to a provider, plus it provides faster processing and less chance of lost documentation. In addition, a dedicated toll-free 800 number for borrower calls, answered as your financial institution, provides a more seamless and frictionless borrower experience.
  8. Proven core processor compatibility. Full CPI payment adjustment automation for CPI premium adds and refunds, including partial refunds. Our system is compatible with all major core processors.

    “You have to be savvy with technology to be effective with this kind of insurance product. We were looking for a company that could help, that had the right technology. We looked at 3 or 4 other companies and State National was far above everybody else.”
    ~ Pronto Finance
  9. Filene Research Institute premier partnership exclusive to State National. Filene is a credit union and consumer finance think tank headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. As an Inner Circle member and sponsor of their Centers of Excellence, we provide support for their mission to connect credit unions with insights and innovations to change people’s lives. This partnership also gives us access to original research to better focus future advancements & technology innovations into CPI program improvements for our credit union partners.
  10. Client Advisory Council. Founded in 2018, the council convenes a group of top clients to discuss issues critically important to them and us. The State National CAC is a forum to share information, gain consensus on key topics, and collaborate with peers and partners to creatively pursue problem-solving strategies for their institutions. It also generates feedback and guidance that helps us continually improve and enhance our products and services to better meet the needs of ALL our clients.
    SN CAC 2020 logo"State National is a great partner. I'm glad they asked me to join the CAC because it gives me an opportunity to keep that partnership active and very vibrant. And I enjoy the fact that I get to see what State National is doing and what’s on their horizon and how it’s going to benefit not only my credit union, but the credit union industry.”
    ~ My Credit Union 

    Bonus Item! State National Companies is a subsidiary of Markel Corporation, a $33 billion insurance and investment organization currently ranked at 289 within the Fortune 500!

    Gold Gradient
Jeff Batker
Jeff Batker
Jeff Batker is a Regional Vice President for State National Companies. He lives in Minnesota and covers the creation of new business partnerships in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska. With over 20 years of experience, Jeff is passionate about connecting financial institutions with our best-in-class portfolio protection insurance programs.

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Despite Inflation, You Can Still Maintain a Competitive Advantage and Protect Your Auto Loan Portfolio   Spotlight Soundbite: The Value of Customized Portfolio Protection in the Subprime Auto Loan Market     Borrowers Are Facing Financial Stress The government’s stimulus checks have long run out, as have the grace periods many financial institutions implemented during the pandemic. Interest rates have soared and prices have inflated. Individuals have returned to work and are again bearing the costs of gas, transportation, and childcare. While cheery, the holiday season may be met equally with foreboding for some as they contemplate how to balance their checkbooks with the looming expectation of events and gifts on top of already heightened regular expenses. While buy now and pay later programs may offer temporary relief, borrowers will ultimately not be able to put off making tough decisions about where to spend and save. Unfortunately, a growing number of auto loan borrowers, and especially subprime borrowers, are choosing to drop or reduce their auto insurance coverage as a result of having to decide which bills to pay with their increasingly stretched paychecks. And these uninsured or underinsured borrowers pose a threat to your institution’s loan portfolio and profitability. The news isn’t all grim, however — State National can help protect your financial institution from the risks posed by this group. How to Minimize Charge-offs Caused by Uninsured Borrowers Do you currently use an insurance tracking system to keep track of your borrowers’ coverage status in an attempt to prevent charge-offs? It’s a good start — tracking is a critical part of monitoring your institution’s risk exposure. However, having your staff track insurance in-house is a time-consuming and inefficient solution. More concerning, even if you employ an outside vendor to track coverage for you, studies show that tracking alone is not enough to encourage borrowers to keep their insurance in force. Without a consequence for remaining uninsured or underinsured, it’s been shown time and time again that a significant portion of borrowers, particularly in the low prime and subprime space, simply will not heed warnings to bring their loans into compliance no matter how many letters or phone calls they get reminding them to do so. Without a mechanism that will actually change borrower behavior, tracking alone still leaves too much risk in your portfolio. A Persistent Problem — With an InsurTech Solution The good news is, you can more thoroughly protect your portfolio while also saving labor costs and freeing up your staff to perform other tasks to grow your business. And you can do it all easily, seamlessly, and with total peace of mind when it comes to compliance. Protecting collateral from loss is most definitely not the same as it was “in the old days” — or even just a few years ago. Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other leading-edge technology solutions have changed the game when it comes to mitigating the risk from uninsured borrowers. From software bots that can log in to insurer websites and update thousands of insurance statuses in seconds to nearly effortless multichannel borrower submission options including QR codes, email, text, web, and more, collateral protection problems of the past are simply not an issue today, especially with State National as your provider. As I like to say, “This isn’t your grandpa's CPI!”     Save Time, Money, and Aggravation — What’s Not to Like? State National’s solutions provide tracking AND protect your portfolio. We also save your financial institution time with seamless implementation and multi-option borrower insurance submission solutions. Even better, there’s InsurTrak – our custom-designed proprietary technology platform where you can view all program details in real time with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can personalize your coverage around exactly what works best for your business. Whether you need you need a full-featured, comprehensive program, one that keeps costs at a minimum for borrowers, or something in between, State National can customize a program that best fits your needs.   A Simple Solution for Reduced Risk and Increased Profitability We have heard from some financial institutions that they “have no charge-offs” because they planned and allotted for a certain amount of loss. But money lost is still money lost even if you budgeted for it! What if you could save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars this year? Well, you can! Let me show you how you can leverage State National’s advanced technology and 50 years of experience mitigating loss from uninsured borrowers to proactively protect your business against today’s unpredictable economy and the wave of charge-offs your financial institution may be facing soon. It’s not too late to protect your portfolio from what’s coming our way.  

Amazing Things Happen When Female Executives Get Together

State National's Retreat Where Female Finance Executives Go to Network and Learn A 2021 report from CUNA indicated that 51% of CEOs at credit unions and 33% of credit union board members are female. Many organizations speak at length about the value of empowering and providing opportunities to women — yet this recognition must be met with action. For example, Kim Sponem, CEO of Summit Credit Union, took action by starting The Red Shoes initiative. Filene Research Institute actively creates research reports about women in credit union leadership. These are just two of many examples across the credit union industry. Missions like these are an important part of transforming the narrative of women and finance. State National Companies also recognizes the unique leadership traits and skillsets that female leaders bring to the financial services industry. To celebrate those traits and provide women leaders from across the country the opportunity to build relationships with their peers, we created our own initiative — an annual event called the Female Executive Networking (FEN) Retreat.   Why a Retreat Specifically for Female Executives? The goal of this annual retreat is multifold: Provide valuable, meaningful, and actionable education, information, and resources to senior credit unions and financial institutions executives that they can use to move their organizations forward. Create a forum for financial institution leaders from across the country to share best practices regarding leadership, retention, business growth, and operational excellence. Provide a rich and rewarding experience that organically allows connections and relationships to grow. Empower and inspire attendees to return to their financial institutions re-energized, with new ideas for accelerating the growth of their organizations. With these goals in mind, we launched our first FEN retreat in early 2020. And, oh, how critical it was for the female leaders who participated in this first event to achieve these goals — because at the time we didn’t realize were heading home to nearly two years of quarantine and isolation! A Most Welcome Return In 2021, after waiting 18 months from our launch date, we were more than eager to resume some sense of normalcy and held our second FEN Retreat. That year’s event featured Terri Trespicio, speaker, coach, and best-selling author of Unfollow Your Passion, as our keynote speaker and workshop leader. This year, our 2022 keynote workshop, titled How Macroeconomic Conditions Will Affect Your Financial Institution, Your Customers, and Your Household, was led by Marlena Lee, Ph.D., Global Head of Investment Solutions at Dimensional Fund Advisors, and Mary Ellen Krueger, Director, Wealth Management and Partner at Aspiriant. Not only are these FEN retreats educational, inspirational, and just plain fun, we at State National are also proud of being a part of the movement to empower even more women to lead in moving the credit union mission forward. After all, studies show that more female executives in a C-suite role can improve both customer orientation and financial performance. That’s a win-win-win — for credit unions, for their members, and for women in financial leadership. If you are interested in learning more about State National’s Female Executive Networking retreat, please contact your State National Client Executive or Regional Vice President.   Comments from FEN attendees:

With Custom QR Codes, It’s Now Even Easier for Your Borrowers to Upload Their Insurance!

State National brings back QR codes — now new and improved!   When was the last time you scanned a Quick Response (QR) code? Was it on a restaurant menu, on a real-estate sign, or maybe to access a form? The reliable QR code has now become a part of our daily life. In our mobile-first technology era, QR codes are back, giving consumers instant access anywhere to the targeted information you want to provide them. There is no need to keep pamphlets in stock or worry about your customers going to the wrong website when scrolling past noisy ads on search engines. While State National has offered our clients the ability to have QR codes on their borrower notices before, there was not a real demand for them until the recent increase in use sparked by the pandemic. With increased consumer receptiveness to these abstract squares and State National’s dedication to constant improvement, we are harnessing the power of QR codes again — adding on improved customizations that make it even easier for borrowers to submit their insurance when they take out a new loan or have a lapse in coverage. "We appreciate having a good vendor partner that understands your needs sometimes before you even know you have a need. State National is always looking for ways to make things better for your staff as well as your leadership.” – JAX Federal Credit Union QR Codes for Borrower Notices Borrowers can scan their personalized QR code on their mailed paper notice and be directed straight to their personal account on On this borrower-friendly site they can view their insurance status and easily provide updated proof of insurance. Since the QR code on each borrower’s notice is specific to them, no reference ID or PIN is needed, and the webpage will automatically populate with their name and vehicle type. A helpful short video applicable to their particular situation will instruct them on exactly what they need to provide to resolve their specific impairment. And finally, the site will also show them how to easily upload and submit their information. Our borrower-specific QR codes personalize the website borrowers are directed to, including details such as informing them if the lien holder is missing or if their deductible is too high.   QR Codes for Lenders Lender custom QR codes are another way we provide total access and empower your borrowers to easily update their insurance with us before they even enter our notice cycle. These institution-specific lender QR codes can be used anywhere you choose, including your website, lender agreement, and loan closing documents. Borrowers who scan your custom lender code are directed to a page branded with your financial institution’s name and logo. From here, borrowers can upload insurance even if they do not know their access PIN.   Pro Tip: Add Your Lender QR Code to Your Lender Agreement to Prompt New Borrowers to Submit Their Insurance We encourage you to add your custom QR code in your new loan packet and actively point it out to borrowers when they take out a vehicle or home loan. Let your borrowers know they can scan that QR code to quickly and easily provide their insurance details. The visual effect of having the QR code on the agreement packet reminds the borrower to take action, and as soon as the website pops up, it tells them exactly what they need to do to update their insurance. is accessible 24/7, so borrowers with missing information or a lapse in coverage can update their insurance at any time, at their convenience.   Scan Here for an Example of a Lender QR Code Leading by Always Improving Since 1973, State National has been dedicated to a culture of continuous improvement. We are proud to be the technology leader in our industry, and are consistently evolving to make portfolio protection easier, faster, and more user-friendly for your borrowers and your staff. We are glad to provide our lenders with these customized QR codes as the latest feature to make the process even more seamless and convenient. Borrower QR codes are already actively employed on all mailed notifications. To find out more about getting your own customized lender QR code, contact your Client Executive today!