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Erik Uden

Erik Uden

Erik completed his summer 2021 internship as a part of State National's Marketing Department. He is currently attending Washington State University as a senior pursuing a degree in Marketing. He is not afraid to take on any task, no matter the scope. Erik has been an invaluable asset working with both the Content Team and the Client Experience Team through a variety of projects. In his spare time he enjoys DJing, skiing, and traveling the world.

Recent Posts:

4 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car

The biggest mistake many first-time car buyers make is that they don't understand the true cost of ownership before purchasing a vehicle. A car will always cost more in total than its sticker price, and many new buyers act on their emotions rather than logic. Acting on emotions when purchasing a vehicle can lead to poor decision-making, an expensive learning experience, and/or buyer’s remorse. This article explores several topics to help you better understand the purchase process and not financially overextend yourself.

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